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5 Tips To Keep Your Oven Working At An Optimum Level


Whether you are an avid cook and use your oven on a daily basis, or you simply use it for special occasions, it is important to ensure that it operates at optimal level. Keeping the oven clean and well maintained will help to ensure that you get the best results each time you use the appliance. Proper care will also mean that you do not have to keep calling in the repair technicians. You can save yourself many headaches by carrying out regular oven maintenance

Getting oven repair

If you have noticed that your oven is not working well or if it is not baking, you need to contact a repair technician to find out the problem. In some cases, the problem may be due to a bad bake igniter. You need to know that just because it is glowing orange does not mean that it is working. You need to measure the amperage depending on the type of igniter you have. Insufficient draw of the current will prevent the gas valve from opening. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to carry out the test.
You can find more info on the Oven RepairPage.
Regular oven cleaning

You should clean your oven according to how frequently you use it. This means that if you use your oven every day, you need to clean it more often than someone who uses one less often. Make sure that you follow the proper cleaning procedure to keep the appliance clean without causing damage. Confirm that the gas is off before cleaning and avoid using too much water. Do not use harsh cleaning solutions and equipment, as these can be harmful.

Self-cleaning feature

It is very important to be careful when using the oven’s self-cleaning feature. Many experts warn that improper use of the feature can do a lot of harm. Use the feature responsibly by following the appliance manufacturer’s guidelines. You need to be home during the process and make sure that you keep the windows open, as the room tends to get very hot. When the self-cleaning cycle is complete, wait for the oven to cool down completely before you wipe it down, this should take at least six hours.

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Unplugging the oven

If you are using water to clean the oven exterior, make sure that you unplug it first. Most people use plenty of water to clean the oven’s outer surface by hand. It is important to ensure that you take precautions to avoid electrocution. To remove grease stains, you can spray a baking soda and water solution all over the oven before using dish soap to clean it. Follow this process with a vinegar and water solution to kill germs and leave the surface looking clean and shiny.

Do not remove the knobs

Avoid removing the knobs when cleaning the cook top. Many appliance technicians say that most of the service calls they get are related to this practice. Most people remove the knobs in order to clean the area more efficiently but this is actually causing more harm than good. When you squirt cleaning solution on the electrical system, you are essentially asking for the system to short. You are also risking electrocution.

It is a good idea to create a spill barrier when using the oven. If you spill anything in the oven when cooking, make sure that you clean it up immediately as this will help to prevent burning. Make sure that you inspect your coil burners for any damage and replace any that have defaults. If you notice that a coil has a spot that is redder than the rest when cooking, it is a sign of damage. Stop using the burner and make arrangements to replace it as soon as possible. Get professional repair services to ensure that your oven works at the optimum level at all times.