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Common Fridge Problems And Some DIY Remedies You Can Try

As a fridge owner, chances are that you will have to deal with a few problems with the device at some point in time. Of course, modern fridges are designed better, so they suffer fewer problems than the older ones. However, this does not exclude them from this rule. There are a few common problems that most fridge owners have to deal with, and there are a few things one can do to try and fix them before calling a repairman. Some of these include:

The fridge does not cool

Having the fridge not cooling is a fundamental flaw that has to be fixed properly. Most of the time, you will need to call a repair specialist to solve this. Some of the home remedies you can try include cleaning the condensers (this will only work if there is a lot of dust build-up on them) and also checking your thermostat levels. Of course, the former will need to be done when the fridge has been off for some time to allow for cooling and to reduce the chances of being electrocuted. Most technical problems resulting in suboptimal cooling will need the attention of a specialist in order to fix.


When the fridge is leaking

If the fridge has a dispenser, it most likely is connected to the home’s plumbing. If you notice it leaking, you should check the plumbing to find out the source of the leak and plug it. Most of the time, this is as simple as tightening a bolt. Other more technical issues that can result in leaking include the presence of holes in the drain pipes. In such cases, it’s best to call a repair specialist to fix it before it causes any more damage.

The icemaker not making ice cubes

If the fridge has an ice maker that is not making ice cubes, check the plumbing to make sure that it’s intact. Massive leaks or blockages in the plumbing are the most common cause of this problem. You should also find out if there is any water going through the pipe as well. Other problems that can result in this includes having the icemaker heater stuck on or having a valve that has failed. If any of these problems are present, it’s best to call a repairman rather than tinkering with the innards of the fridge.

The water dispenser is not working

Problems that affect the icemaker are similar to the ones affecting the water dispenser. If you have a problem with this, the primary thing to check for is the plumbing to make sure that it’s patent, and that the water pressure in it is enough to supply the device. If you have a home that has water pressure problems, fixing the plumbing might actually make the water dispenser in the fridge work as expected.

If you do a basic check and find that you can’t identify the cause of the fridge not working, it’s best to call a contractor to fix the problem. Trying a DIY approach might seem cheaper, but you may end up ruining your fridge if you don’t handle it properly.