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Heatwave a Friendly Air Conditioner Maintenance Reminder

If you live in California, chances are you’ve been seeking either a place with working air conditioning, a nice coastal breeze or a trip to some exotic locale. Barring the last option, the heatwave that’s been sweepingHeatwave in San Francisco over California the last few days is a not-so-friendly reminder that having a working air conditioning in your home and/or office is crucial to your comfort. Here are some things to review to make sure your air conditioning unit is running with the heatwave in full blast:

Dirty Filters

Having a dirty air conditioning filter can be really stressful for your a/c unit. Not only will the lack of cool air coming in to your home or office suffer, but it’ll put a strain on your air conditioning unit and your utilities bill. During the hot months of summer, try to change this filter once a month to make sure you get quality usage from your air conditioning unit.

Fix Leaks

A leak in your air conditioning unit’s ducts can cause up to 30 percent of the cool air to be lost when running. This decrease in efficiency can obviously hit you hard in the checkbook as it’ll cause the unit to run harder without being able to produce cool air as efficiently. Fixing a leak in your air conditioning duct can be quite time-consuming and should be handled by a certified HVAC technician.

Using A Timer

Having your air conditioning running full-blast, non-stop may make your home or office feel pleasant, however it can be very costly. Have a timer or automated control that stops your unit at certain times of day or when it reaches a certain temperature to save money. Check to make sure this is running properly to increase efficiency.

Hire An Expert

While many websites tout the ease of maintaining an air conditioning unit, the projects can be time-consuming and worse, you may do more harm than good. Hire a certified HVAC technician to ensure that your air conditioning unit is running properly and free of issues to save money down the road. Contact the leading HVAC service provider in The San Francisco Bay Area, The Appliance Repair Doctor, and get same day service at low, low rates!