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Know What To Do When You Encounter These 4 Furnace Issues!


Many homeowners experience trouble with the home’s heating system and technicians around the country report this as resulting in the majority of calls that they get. Many people complain about faulty furnaces that do not produce adequate heat to warm the different rooms. It is important to know that even the most efficiently maintained heating equipment is prone to problems or break down. Fortunately, the technicians have the necessary expertise to solve the major problems affecting the heating equipment. It is important to find out furnace issues that require repair services.

The furnace is not producing heat

A common problem with furnaces may be the appliances inability to produce heat. If your furnace is not functioning or producing heat, it could be due to any number of problems. Some reasons could be a blown fuse, a tripped circuit, a faulty thermostat, a closed control valve and a faulty pilot light. These are simple issues that you can resolve yourself with some basic skills and you will not require significant investment in repair cost. If after checking these issues you still have a heating problem, it is important to get professional appliance repair services.

Furnace producing insufficient heat

If your furnace is not producing the desired heat, it could be due to a number of problems. Some of the causes of poor heat production include a dirty burner or filter, loose blower belt or a faulty furnace blower. These issues can occur independently or in unison depending on the condition of your furnace. If your furnace is producing insufficient heat, looking at the areas can help you to know whether they are responsible for the heating problem. The result of the inspection will help you to know if you can fix the problem yourself or if you need repair services.

Furnace switches on and off

If the furnace keeps switching on and off and does not heat properly, you have a problem in your hands. The major culprit in this type of scenario is usually a dry motor. Lubricating the motor using grease or oil can usually solve the problem. There are other causes including a dirty filter, where cleaning or changing the filter can help, or a clogged blower that can be cleaned out using a vacuum. Cleaning the system can help to solve your problem and this is something that you can do yourself. If your furnace is too old, replacing it is a good idea.

Furnace pilot light is faulty

If the pilot light is not lighting up when the system is on, there is a problem. The furnace will not go on if the pilot light stays off. The pilot light is located on the furnace underside and if the pilot light is working well, you will notice a blue flame coming from a tiny pipe. A faulty pilot light can be caused by a clogged opening; insufficient gas flow or it can be due to a damaged thermocouple. Thermocouples use sensors to detect pilot lights and a faulty thermocouple can cause the light to be off when you need it on. It may be that the thermocouple is bent and if this is the case, you can simply bend it back into position.

There are some furnace issues that you can resolve yourself especially where they involve cleaning the system. However, if your system is experiencing major heating problems, it is important to get professional services. Leaving the repair work to expert technicians will help to ensure that your appliance works at optimum level. Regular professional inspection and service of your furnace will help to ensure that you do not have to spend much money on frequent repairs.