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Learning To Troubleshoot Oven-Related Problems The Easy Way

You may have experienced the frustrations when you put in your frozen pizza into your oven to bake but after you turn on the oven, the timer moves yet there is still no heat from the oven and you end up with no dinner or supper. In this article, you will find out what are the most common oven parts that may be causing your oven to refuse to heat up. Dealing with electrical components can be very tricky to any untrained family member and it is best to leave the nitty-gritty job to the professionals.

Bake and broil element

You should first check out the bake and broil element of your oven when your oven will not heat up. These two are the most common parts that caused ovens from heating up your food. You may need a flashlight to conduct a visual inspection of the bake and broil element for any obvious separations or burned spots. The black tube or tubes with the thickness of a pencil is the element you need to look out for. It may be located at the bottom or top of your oven.

Usually, the bake element is at the bottom of your oven while the broil element is at the top of your oven. It is relatively easy to recognize these elements of the oven as well since they are usually the glowing red hot part or parts of the oven when your oven is in perfect operating condition. Hence, if the bake and broil element has burned out, your oven will not heat up as per normal.

It is also easy to spot where the bake and broil element may have burned out from the holes in the bake and/or broil element or the blisters on the outside of the bake and broil element. You may also use a Volt-Ohm meter to test the bake and broil element. If it fails the Volt-Ohm meter test, then it is time for you to replace the bake and broil element.

Wire connection


There are times when it may be a burnt wire that is supplying power to the bake and broil element that is causing your oven from heating up properly. You can simply check by having a close look at the wires that are leading to the bake and broil element. If the wires are burned out, the burned spots are hard to miss and can be easily spotted. You should replace these burned out wires immediately.

Control and relay board

Besides the wire connection supplying power to the heating elements of the oven, sometimes it might be the control or relay board of the oven that is causing your oven not heating up your food normally. The control and relay board of the oven controls the sending of power to both bake and broil circuits of the oven according to your settings and input.

If your bake and broil element appears normal after your inspection, then a faulty oven control and relay board that is unable to send power voltage to the oven heating elements will cause the oven not to heat up. The oven control and relay board will have to be replaced if it is faulty and it cannot be tested easily. You may need to get an expert to verify if the oven control and relay board is the culprit to your oven heating problem.

Sometimes an oven may just break down at any time of the day, even into the wee hours of the night. Hence, you can always rely on a round-the-clock appliance repair service that we provide. Don’t hesitate to call our technicians when the need arises!