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Beat The Heat With These Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

Beating the heat here in The San Francisco Bay Area has long been a goal of those of us who don’t like the sweat and agony that can come from an extremely hot day. Some of us might be lucky enough to make it to the beach to dunk ourselves in the ocean while others of us might be cooped up in an air conditioned office, not really thrilled to be working while at the same time enjoying the coolness of our precious air conditioning units in SF.

Beat-The-HeatBut what’s the deal with the cool air that comes from a vent in the ceiling or wall or from a machine lodged into a window? Where does that air even come from and how can we make sure that our home or office air conditioning units keep running? Here are some interesting facts about our best friends, our a/c units:

  • Electric fans actually predate air conditioning units and are a vital part to the air conditioning unit. They do little to cool the air but the effect evaporates moisture from your skin and creates a cooling effect.
  • Air conditioners “create” cool air by pulling in warm air from the outside, running it over a series of pipes containing a refrigerant, then returning the cool air inside while sending the hot air outside via an exhaust.
  • The a/c filter is a vital component of the unit and keep all sorts of potentially-harmful substances, bacteria and more outside of the home, helping to prevent illnesses and more from entering your enclosed area. This makes this feature extremely important to change on a regular basis. It’s recommended that an air conditioning filter be changed every six to twelve months, but adding additional occupants and/or pets to a home can speed that up.
  • The very first installed air conditioning unit takes us way back to a movie theater in 1911. The Folies Bergere theater in New York City was the first to install an a/c unit, which is now standard across most movie theaters around the world. In fact, a sharp correlation has been shown between rising temperatures and an increase in movie attendance.
  • Oddly enough, the first known instance of air conditioning was back in 200 A.D. when a Chinese inventor Ding Huan of The Han Dynasty invented a rotary fan that had seven manually-powered wheels and was 9.8 feet in diameter.

Nowadays, getting air conditioning in San Francisco doesn’t require a near-ten foot fan. In fact, it can be handled via The Appliance Repair Doctor’s same day service, which can have you beating the heatwave in your home and/or office. With certified technicians located throughout The San Francisco Bay Area, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be nice and cool all year long!