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Simple Steps To Repair That Faulty Stove Yourself

A broken or malfunctioning stove can be frustrating and inconvenient to the users as cooking is an everyday activity, even several times in a day. The operational mechanism of gas and electricity stoves is simple, and therefore most repairs are termed as ‘do-it-yourself’. The components are also designed for quick disassembly and reassembly, so users might not have to be very skilled in repairing them.

Most gas stove problems revolve around the supply and ignition of gas in the oven and the burners. Electric stoves on the other hand present problems centered on faulty heating elements. Regular service is recommended to prevent breakdowns and escalation of problems, which may end up costing you a lot of money.

Before embarking on any kind of repair work, it is advisable to ascertain the exact cause of a problem to prevent further damage. In case of an electric stove, the gas supply should be unplugged first, or the electric power to the unit cut off by removing a fuse or installing a circuit breaker. Grounding wires should also be disconnected, and gas valves shut off from the stove unit.


How to disassemble a gas range

Here are the simple steps that you can take on your own:

• Loosen the screws that hold the panels together, and remove control knobs. Pull them off with no friction. In case of screwed-on knobs, a screwdriver may come in handy.

• Loosen a number of screws on the edge of the back panel to remove it and separate it from the control panel. The front panel can be removed by loosening the mounting screws that join the decorative panel and the frame, using a screwdriver.

How to replace a bad burner

• Test the faulty burner by replacing it with a burner that works. In case of a burner that does not heat, the problem could be that it is a bad burner or there is a bad connection in the socket, or even a bad switch. If the new burner does not heat, the problem is either the socket or the infinite switch. If the socket prongs look burned, or charred, replace it.

• In case of a bad switch, test the switch by replacing it with a new one. If the switch reading does not change, replace the switch.

How to repair a door gasket

A faulty door gasket leads to a reduction in the desired temperature and causes uneven heating. One way to test this is to pass your hand near the door of the oven when it is on. In case the heat is felt on the outside, the gasket needs replacement. Most gaskets are designed for easy and fast home fitting, but some require professional service. Here is what to do when you realize that your gasket needs replacement:

• Disengage the old gasket from the channel. In case it is attached using screws, remove the gasket by bending its exposed edge back.

• Using a mild washing liquid and a cloth, clean the channel and doorframe.

• Replace the old gasket by starting with the top of the doorframe and moving down the sides, then fixing the new gasket gently but firmly.

Unblocking clogged burners

Clogged burners occur because of food spillage on the gas ports and obstructing air. To clean the burners;

• Switch off gas and electricity supply to the range then remove the burner.

• Immerse it in a mild washing solution and let it stand for a few minutes. Clean it using a cloth.

• When dry, put it back on the stove and switch it on.

You can’t repair everything on your own

Now remember, in most cases, repairing your stove on your own is simply not viable. You should then contact an appliance repair technician to help you out. We offer such services for your stove at very reasonable prices, talk to us and learn more.