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Take Simple Steps To Fix A Broken Dryer!


A dryer is a key home appliance as it saves on time spent drying laundry out in the sun. It consists of a large drum-like container in which wet laundry is placed. It is so important to monitor the state of your clothes dryer as it is one of the major causes of firebreak outs of many homes in the US.
Sometimes, parts of the dryer may fail to works as expected and hence require repairing or replacing. Before doing any repair, users are advised to observe caution in order to prevent any injuries and damage. Make sure the machine is unplugged by disconnecting the grounding wire, or closing the gas supply valve to shut off the unit’s gas supply in case the machine is gas-fueled.

How to disassemble a faulty drier

In order to reach the inner parts of the drier, you must first disassemble it. This easy process involves removing screws that join the control panel. Lift the panel to access the screws at the top. Loosen the screws and pull off the top by lifting it up. The bottom panel is opened by shoving a small knife into the slot above them to release the spring catches.

Your dryer will not start?

At times, the door switch wears out or gets broken because of excessive force such as slamming the door. This makes the dryer ineffective, since it cannot work with a faulty door switch. In other cases, the plunger may be bent or broken. The plunger is located in the door. Check whether it is bent or missing, in which case it needs replacement. If the plunger is not the problem, the door switch needs to be examined, by removing the panel of the top cabinet to expose it.

Does your dryer make a thumping sound?

Any abnormal noises emanating from the dryer mean that the rollers supporting the drum may be worn out. They should be replaced, and in case the sounds continue, the tension roller should be replaced.

Can your dryer heat up?

When a gas-powered or electric dryer fails to heat but still tumbles, the thermal fuse should be checked for continuity. If it is not faulty, check the radiant sensor in case of a gas-powered dryer. A faulty burn sensor prevents the dryer from working properly. If it fails the continuity test, replace it. If it is found to work, disconnect the electrical connector leading to the igniter and test it for continuity. If it fails this test, replace it. In case both the radiant sensor and igniter pass the continuity test, you may need to replace the gas valve coils.

What if the motor runs, but the drum is not rotating?

This is caused by a broken belt that fails to rotate the drum. Disassemble the panel on the front cabinet and pull the drum out of the cabinet. Using a vacuum pump, suck out any lint that may be stuck on the drum. Using your hand, spin the tension roller to ensure it is free of cracks and runs smoothly.

How to fix a broken dryer door

When the latch of the door is bent or broken, or the strike is worn, the door fails to close properly. They can be replaced cheaply at home.

You can effectively use this tips to make the small repairs of your drier. However, there are instances that you may need to call a professional. For instance, call a professional if your drier shakes violently and makes loud noises as you do your laundry.

It is important to know when to stop doing it yourself when repairing any of the above mentioned home appliances. Just in case the above tips do not work for you, consider calling an expert to avoid causing permanent damage to your dryer machine.