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Range Oven in the San Francisco Bay Area

Range Oven

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We understand that if your stpve isn’t working fully, it is urgent to get this repaired. This is why we treat it as top priority. When you call The Appliance Repair Doctor for a repair, we will do our best to get your stove working again! Call us today.

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Common stove problems:

  • Oven or stove doesn’t turn on or off
  • Cooktop / stove makes too much noise
  • Cooktop burner flame is too low or too high
  • I smell gas beside stove cooktop’s
  • Cooktop burner clicks but does not ignite
  • Loud bang noise when oven starts to bake or broil
  • The display on my cooktop stove do not work
  • Oven convection fan is too loud
  • Oven / stove light doesn’t turn off or on
  • Temperature is either too hot or too cold

Having a different problem with your stove or cooktop? Call us now to book an appointment and our technician will provide you with a full diagnostic and a written estimate before performing repairs.

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Licensed & Insured

Your fully-licensed and insured technician will explain the issues and get your appliance repair done as quickly as possible, so you can rest assured that your appliance is in great hands.

Warranty on Parts and Service In The San Francisco Bay Area

Service Warranty

Get the service you want and deserve. No complicated mumbo-jumbo, or confusing jargon. You can rest assured knowing our service is hassle-free and covered by full service warranty.

Kitchen Stove Repair

If a kitchen stove top or oven is not working properly, repairs are urgently needed. The homeowner wants service performed by a repair company that provides same day service and licensed, experienced technicians that can diagnose and complete the repair quickly and accurately. Both labor and parts must be covered by a premium warranty. Some of the most common repairs needed by kitchen ranges are as follows:

– A gas smell is detected from the cooktop

The problem may be a faulty pilot or ignition sparker. If they are functioning properly perhaps debris clogs the ignition ports or burner heads and must be removed. Some cooktop burners have direct ignition instead of ignition ports, which is done by a sparking element located in line with and across from the burner head.

In any case, the homeowner who smells gas around the stove or any other appliance should immediately call for help and turn off the gas to the appliance.

– Stove top burner doesn’t turn on

The spark electrode, spark wire or spark module might be defective. If no voltage reaches the spark module the spark ignition switch might need to be replaced.

Stove top burner flame too high, too low or uneven

Appliance companies set most ranges and cooktops for natural gas at the factory. The appliance may have been set improperly or for another fuel. If not, the burner may be defective or clogged by debris or the wrong burner was installed.

– Oven won’t turn on

Burnt out bake or broil elements can keep the oven from turning on or the igniter that draws electrical current through the oven safety valve to open may be burnt out. If the oven safety valve that allows gas into the oven is weak it takes longer to open so an insufficient amount of gas enters the oven to ignite.

– Oven won’t turn off

Burnt out bake or broil elements or igniter can also keep the oven from turning off. If they are not at fault the temperature control thermostat might be defective. The oven control board relays send voltage to the bake and broil circuits as controlled by user settings and by the sensor input. If a control board relay shorts closed, the control board will send continuous voltage to the heating circuit. The entire control board will have to be replaced. If the heating element burns out it can sometimes short out the inside of the oven and so will not allow the oven to turn off.

Self-Cleaning Oven Doesn’t Work

The oven thermostat may be working properly for broiling and baking but not for self-cleaning or a defective oven control board may not be sending voltage to the heating components.

Fortunately, The Appliance Repair Doctor technicians are licensed and experienced on all models of kitchen ranges. The service area covers the San Francisco Bay area. Same day service is at no extra cost, even in evenings, on weekends and holidays. Free service calls with repair and a full warranty on labor and parts. The Appliance Repair Doctor gives a one-year warranty on parts and 90 days for labor. For the homeowner’s convenience they send a text alert 30 minutes before the technician arrives.

Same-day Appliance Repair Services in San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland & The Bay Area

Our experienced appliance repair “Doctors” will take care of all your appliance repair needs quickly and affordably.The Appliance Repair Doctor is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year including Christmas and New Years’ holidays. For quick and affordable repairs on your stove or any other appliance, call The Appliance Repair Doctor today at (888) 462-5488 or Book an appointment online

KitchenAid Stove Repair

The Appliance Repair Doctor major appliance service vans are well stocked with factory authorized KitchenAid stove parts. When you call for prompt KitchenAid stove repair in San Francisco and the Bay Area we can often have your stove back to working condition within the same day.

LG Stove and Range Repair

Our San Francisco stove service technicians are knowledgeable in fixing and repairing the great variety of kitchen ranges, range ovens and stoves manufactured by LG. The Appliance Repair Doctors can replace the breaker, thermostat, fuses, keypads, control panels and anything else that might go wrong with your LG stove or electric range.

Maytag Stove Repair

Whether you own an old Maytag stove or have recently upgraded to Maytag’s newer cooking technology, The Appliance Repair Doctor can perform San Francisco and Bay Area Maytag stove repairs, regardless of model number or design. We have a wide varierty of Maytag parts in our fully stocked vans!

GE Range Repair

One of the most largest and reliable oven manufacturers, GE makes both gas and electric ranges and while they look great and can provide years of reliable service, should you need General Electric range repair, our San Francisco service technicians are just a phone call away.

Thermador Range Repair

Thermador prides itself on building high performance ranges for serious cooks and chefs so if you are serious about cooking and your Thermador range stops working for any reason call our San Francisco and Bay Area appliance repairmen for fast Thermador range repair.

Wolf Range, Stove and Cook Top Repair

Wolf is one of the highest quality brands of stovetops and cooktops available on the market. The Appliance Repair Doctor are trained and licensed to replace all Wolf models.

Electric Range Repair

The need for range oven repair and electric range repair services in San Francisco has grown significantly in recent years as many more Californians choose ceramic or flat top electric ranges for their homes. The Appliance Repair Doctors is equipped to repair cracked ceramic glass top stoves as well as repair common flat top electric range parts including electronic control boards, stove elements and more. We specialize in all types of electric range repair in San Francisco and the Bay Area including KitchenAid Superba, LG, Viking, GE and Thermador range repair.

Gas Ranges and Oven Repair

The most common gas range and gas oven problem is a burner that won’t ignite. In most cases the root of the problem has to do with the ignition source. Gas oven repair can sometimes be as simple as cleaning the burner ignition system. Sometimes iron metal burners also become corroded or rusted and may need cleaning or replacing. Regardless of your gas range or gas oven repair problem, our San Francisco and The Bay Area appliance repair technicians can help.

Other Stove Brands That We Service

In addition to the 8 stove models we’ve highlighted above, The Appliance Repair Doctor also services many other less prevalent brands of stove

Contact The Appliance Repair Doctor for a free over the phone  Stove Repair Estimate in the San Francisco and Bay Area today.

Same Day Stove Service And Repairs In San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland & the rest of the Bay Area.

If you live in the The Bay Area, The Appliance Repair Doctor repair technicians are always in the neighborhood. With same day stove services we will arrive on site soon after you call and get right to fixing your stove using our well-stocked service vans full of the most common stove repair parts. Call The Appliance Repair Doctor for dryer service and repair today if you live in any of our San Francisco & Bay Area service regions.

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