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Duct Cleaning In The San Francisco Bay Area

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We understand that if your air ducts aren’t clean, it is urgent to get this repaired. This is why we treat it as top priority. When you call The Appliance Repair Doctor for a repair, we will do our best to get your air ducts working again! Call us today.

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Duct Cleaning is vital to ensuring you are living in a clean home.  Over time dust, mold, condensation and other bacteria build up in your duct system, which can cause a lower quality of air circulating through your home.  This also increases the energy usage of your Ventilation system as it has to work harder to push air through your home.  A simple duct cleaning can save you on your energy bill, and you’ll notice the air quality improvements immediately!

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Same Day Service – Same Price

Available 7 days a week, on evenings and weekends Holidays, our technicians work with your schedule and are located around the corner, wherever you are in The San Francisco Bay Area.

Licensed & Insured

All of our technicians are licensed by the State of California to do repairs on all appliances. They all receive comprehensive training so that you get the best possible service. We are Fully Insured so you can have peace of mind when you use us for your Refrigerator Repairs!

Service and Material Warranty

1 Year Warranty on Parts, and 90 day Service Warranty. NO ADDITIONAL COST. Get the service you want and deserve. No complicated mumbo-jumbo, or confusing jargon. You can rest assured knowing our service is hassle-free and covered by full service warranty.


Common Ventilation Problems:

  • Mold, Dust, or Condensation build up, degrading air flow quality
  • Short Circuiting
  • Lack of Ventilation Air Distribution 
  • Incorrect Fan Flow Rates
  • Unusual Noises


Having a different problem with your Ventilation System? Call us now to book an appointment and one of our Ventilation technicians will provide you with a full diagnostic and a written estimate before performing repairs.

Air Duct Cleaning: Process and Benefits

A major reason for having heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in homes and businesses cleaned is for the health benefit. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There are examples of ducts that have become badly contaminated with a variety of materials that may pose risks to your health. The duct system can serve as a means to distribute these contaminants throughout a home.” Such contaminants may include mold, fungi, bacteria and miniscule dust particles.

The term “air duct cleaning” is inaccurate. The entire HVAC system must be cleaned. If part of it is not included that section can contaminate the rest. There are two major areas that need to be addressed in cleaning: loosening contaminants and collecting them. Loosening is done by agitation devices such as brushes, air whips and compressed air nozzles. Contaminants are collected by vacuuming both during cleaning and afterward.

The cleaning of HVAC systems may be especially important for those suffering from respiratory ailments by reducing contaminants causing the problem. Cleaning can also decrease offensive odors and fight the growth of mold. Some companies apply antimicrobial chemicals to the surface of ducts to combat microbes such as fungi, mold and bacteria. The ductwork should be thoroughly cleaned before antimicrobial treatment. Any microbial chemical used in the system must be registered by the EPA as specifically for use in HVAC systems.

There is also a cost benefit to having air ducts cleaned. Research by the EPA has shown that air conditioning becomes more efficient due to increased air flow through clean AC ducting, thus reducing energy bills. Clean HVAC systems operate at higher levels of efficiency than dirty systems and are less likely to break down so they have longer life spans.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), other reasons for residential air duct cleaning include: the presence of smokers, pets that shed a lot of hair or dander, water contamination or other damage to the HVAC system, cleaning after remodeling or renovation of the home, and cleaning prior to moving into a house.

When choosing a company to perform air duct cleaning it is important for the consumer to make sure the technician is certified as an Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS). By passing the examination they have shown their extensive knowledge of HVAC design and how to clean the systems. They are required to take continuing education by attending seminars to maintain their certification.

As to cost, the EPA says that  “duct cleaning services typically – but not always – range in cost from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system, depending on the services offered, the size of the system to be cleaned, system accessibility, climactic region and level of contamination” and type of material used for the ductwork. The NADCA warns consumers to “beware of ‘blow-and-go’ air duct cleaning companies. These companies often charge a nominal fee and do a poor job of cleaning the heating and cooling system.”

The NADCA provides a Residential Cleaning Checklist for the consumer to use in selecting a contractor.


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It was a surprise to find out a paddle of water under our fridge in the morning. Of couse, I didn’t expect my refrigerator to break. It was a hassle to deal with it and didn’t know how long it takes and how much it costs. So I did a search on Google and called a couple of companies. The Appliance Repair Doctor had a friendly service person so I booked an appointment.

Robert K

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Our cooler stopped cooling after a party we had last weekend. We found Appliance Doctor on Yelp and booked an appointment. The technician arrived that same evening and fixed the fridge within 45 minutes. Thanks for quick service.


, San Mateo, wine cooler repair


Entered the kitchen in the morning and found a huge leak under the fridge. Wasn’t sure what went wrong. After technician arrived, he opened the fridge compartment and found that a small pipe had a leak. He replaced the part and was done in 15 minutes. Thanks.


, Bay area, built-in fridge ice maker


Freezer of my built-in fridge stopped working. First time it happened. Fridge is 5 years old. Dealer advised to contact The Appliance Repair Doctor. The repairman arrived next morning and found the problem. It needed a special part ordered, which thankfully was available for shipment next day. The freezer was fixed the following day. Will recommend.


, SF, freezer repair


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