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Sal is very thorough and got my Sub-Zero working well again. I would have him back again if needed.
Bob Merrick

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Sep 13, 2016

Patrick was awesome. He was very good at answering my questions, and worked quickly and efficiently.

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Alameda, CA
Nov 18, 2016

Sean and Patrick were early, quick, clean, and a pleasure to chat with. Thoroughly satisfied.

– Mary B.
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Oct 5, 2016

I appreciated the quick response and the appointment time. The technicians were both very professional and on time.
Great to be working with such an organization.

– Fred S.
Walnut Creek, CA
Sep 9, 2016

“Dr.” Nathan was courteous, considerate and willing to go the extra mile
Very informative and helpful and got the work done and done

– Sheila N.
Walnut Creek, CA
Sep 20, 2016

Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Sub-Zero refrigerators are among the most highly regarded in refrigeration. However, even premium brands sometimes need repairs. The list below gives some of the most common Sub-Zero refrigerator problems with explanations about possible causes and repairs. The design and manufacture of Sub-Zero refrigerators is based on cutting edge technology. Diagnostics and repairs must be handled with that in mind.

An Overheated Condenser. The condenser is a crucial component that moves coolant throughout the appliance. Increased warming of the interior temperature or unfamiliar sounds  can indicate an overheated condenser. A damaged or overheated relay that can no longer regulate the condenser’s operation might be the problem. Or the condenser may have worn out.

The Condenser Coils. The rows of thin piping located on the back of the appliance or underneath, depending on the model, are called the condenser coils. They make possible release of heat from the unit. Dust, dirt or lint gathering on the coils can act as insulation preventing the escape of the heat. If allowed to continue this accumulation can cause inconsistent cycling, overheating of the condenser or irregular temperatures within the unit. Sub-Zero recommends having the condenser coils cleaned by a professional every three to six months.

Water leaking. If the leak is occurring from the unit’s top, the water filter cartridge may need to be replaced. A leak from the bottom could be due to cracked or frozen water lines, broken water valves, clogged drainage lines or a broken drainage pan. A leak from inside the refrigerator can come from many sources and must be determined by a service technician. The home water line shut off valve should be turned off and a service professional be called at once.

Loose Gaskets. Each refrigerator door is fitted with a rubber gasket which seals firmly to keep cool air inside and warm air out. Gaskets fail over time. The adhesives keeping them in place dry out or the gasket material cracks as it ages and causes it to fall off the door.

Loss of cooling on either side. The Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer each has an independent compressor so neither affects the other. If one side loses cooling the other will not. Customers should not pay attention to service companies that tell them otherwise. As in the case with leaks, there are many reasons for loss of cooling: One of several of the unit’s fans may not be working. There may be a problem with a sealed system component, either the compressor, evaporator or condenser. Other causes may be faulty defrost timers, relays and fan motors.

Fortunately, Sub-Zero keeps meticulous records of each refrigerator, ice machine and freezer in their data bases. The history follows the unit from the original purchaser to each subsequent owner. For the history of a unit the current owner can contact Sub-Zero at . Sub-Zero also provides a warranty on all appliances.

Are you having problems with your Sub-Zero Fridge? Have it repaired today!

Call 415-484-1000 or schedule your appointment here!

Even high end brands of appliances can have issues. If your Sub-Zero Fridge is having problems call The Appliance Doctor for same day, reliable, in home service!

Sub-Zero Fridges are quality made appliances which Americans appreciate. They come equipped with temperature control features for different sections of the fridge, energy efficient features, and modern designs. When your fridge looks impeccable you want it to function perfectly as well! When your Sub-Zero Fridge is not keeping items cold, the light fails to illuminate, or your foods are becoming frozen, you are left with a stressful situation.

Let The Appliance Doctor eliminate your stress by fixing the issue your Sub-Zero Fridge is having!

Regular Sub-Zero Fridge issues include:

  • Ice maker doesn’t make ice
  • Fridge is not staying cold
  • Water dispenser isn’t working
  • Fridge isn’t defrosting
  • Fridge is freezing food
  • Fridge light won’t turn on
  • Ice maker is overflowing
  • Fridge is leaking water
  • Fridge is making disruptive noises
  • Freezer fails to keep foods frozen

The Appliance Doctor is experienced in fixing all Sub-Zero Fridge models!

Sub-Zero Fridges come in a variety of styles including built in fridges, freestanding fridges, bottom freezers and refrigerator drawers. Sub-Zero’s vision is to create appliances that will help you to achieve a stunning and functional kitchen. However, when your Sub-Zero Fridge is failing to work, you lost all functionality of your kitchen. Our experienced technicians know how to quickly determine the issue and repair your fridge so you can get back to your daily life.

You won’t wait days or weeks for your appliance to be in working order again, simply call us today at 415-484-1000 for your same day appointment!

Sub-Zero offers different designs for all kinds of kitchens including modern, contemporary, and classic styles. When your fridge looks beautiful in your kitchen you want it to work well too. When your fridge is having problems contact  L.A Local Appliance Repair to have it repaired! Call 415- 484-1000 or schedule your appointment here!

The Appliance Doctor offers a full service warranty!

You can rest easy knowing your repair is warrantied! Your Sub-Zero Fridge repair service comes with a 90 day guaranteeIn the rare case that the same issue occurs again, we will redo the repair service at no cost to you. Every new part that is installed into your appliance is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 1 year!

The Appliance Doctor serves the following areas:

  • San Francisco & The Bay area
  • San Mateo
  • Alameda
  • Contra Costa County
  • Marin County

The Appliance Doctor Hours:

Our emergency repair hours are 5am-11pm daily!

For professional, same day Sub-Zero Fridge repair contact The Appliance Doctor today! 

Call 415- 484-1000 or schedule your appointment here!

Same-day Appliance Repair Services in San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland & The Bay Area

Our experienced appliance repair “Doctors” will take care of all your appliance repair needs quickly and affordably.The Appliance Repair Doctor is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year including Christmas and New Years’ holidays. For quick and affordable repairs on your Sub-Zero fridge or any other appliance, call The Appliance Repair Doctor today at (888) 462-5488 or Book an appointment online

Sub-Zero Built-In Fridge Repair

Sub-Zero offers a variety of built in fridges that can be installed seamlessly into your kitchen. Sub-Zero allows you to install any cabinet cover to match your kitchen, as well as standard stainless steel options. Sub-Zero is the original pioneer of built fridges, so you know you are buying from the experts. The Dual refrigeration keeps your food fresher in your fridge and your freezer. Its digital precision ensures that everything in your fridge is kept fresh! If your Sub-Zero Built-In fridge is ever in need of a repair, call the Sub-Zero experts at The Appliance Repair Doctor for a same day repair.

Sub-Zero Side By Side Fridge Repair

One of the more higher end styles of fridges is the having the fridge and freezer side by side to each other. These fridges tend to maximize the space of your fridge, allowing you to store more food in the same area. Side by side fridges are available in both the Sub-Zero PRO 48 and Built-In product lines. A lot of the these fridges come equipped with filtered water system and ice makers, providing you true luxury, convenience and reliability.

Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Repair

The more mid-range fridges are the ones where the freezer is located on the bottom and the fridge on top. This kind of style has many different variants and seems to be the most popular type of fridges on the market. Sub-Zero provides styles that include single door and french doors for the fridge on top. As well, on some models they provide a two pull out freezer doors that allow to find your food quicker, and not having to sort through a big pile of frozen food. Both the PRO 48 and Built-In Sub-Zero lines are available in these models.

San Francisco Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

San Francisco is the heart of the Bay Area with its vibrant culture and growing communities. Sub-Zero fridges can be found all over the city from their cafe lines, all the way up to the monogram models. When you need a repair for your Sub-Zero fridge, give the Appliance Doctor a call!

Bay Area Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

With over 7 million people in the Bay Area, Sub-Zero fridges can be found in abundance in all the cities and counties. With Sub-Zero reliability, almost all those fridges should run smoothly for the entire life of the fridge. If unfortunately, you do need to do some service and maintenance, give the doctors a call!

Marin County Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Located in the South Bay, Marin County is the biggest city in the Bay Area. Marin County’s population is growing rapidly due to the influx of workers being employed in Silicon Valley. With their busy schedules, the Appliance Repair Doctors can do Sub-Zero fridge repairs at your convenience, even during evenings and weekends. Give the Doctors a call!

Oakland Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Located in the east bay, Oakland is the largest city in alameda county. Sub-Zero fridges can be found in all the neighbourhoods. In case you need service there is always a doctor in the area. Call the appliance repair doctors today and ask about our same day service.

East Bay Area Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

The East Bay Area predominantly covers Alameda County. Some of the major cities in The East Bay are Oakland, Fremont, Hayward and Alameda. With the growing population in this area, The Appliance Repair Doctor has hired a new technician (Doctor), dedicated to covering the East Bay. If your Sub-Zero fridge breaks down, you know who to call. Contact the Doctors today!

West Bay & Peninsula Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

The West Bay Area and Peninsula covers San Francisco and San Mateo County. Sub-Zero fridges can be found in massive quantities across many cities in the West Bay Area. The Appliance Repair Doctor has a full time Doctor servicing this area to ensure your Sub-Zero fridge stays running. Call today or book an appointment online!

South Bay Area Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

The South Bay Area encompasses Santa Clara County, with the largest city being Marin County. Here is home to Silicon Valley, headquarters for a lot of the major tech companies in the United States. We understand that life can be hectic. That is why there is always a Doctor around when you need it most. If your Sub-Zero fridge ever lets you down. Call the Doctors today for a quick and immediate rescue!

San Mateo County Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

San Mateo County, just south of the city of San Francisco, we are ready to provide service in cities such as, Atherton, Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo, Woodside and more! If you ever have a problem with your Sub-Zero fridge, give the Doctors a call!!

Alameda County Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Alameda County, located just east of San Francisco, the “Doctors” are ready to provide Sub-Zero fridge repairs in cities such as, Oakland, Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro, Union City and more!

Santa Clara County Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Santa Clara County, located at the South Bay, our “Doctors” can provide same day service for your Sub-Zero fridges in cities such as, Marin County, Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Milpetas, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale and more! Call the Doctors today!

Marin County Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Marin County, just north of San Francisco, The Appliance Repair Doctor is available Same-day for all your Sub-Zero fridge repair needs in Belvedere, Corte Madera, Fairfax, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Novato, Ross, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Sausalito, Tiburon and more! Call us to book a service call!

Contra Costa County Sub-Zero Fridge Repair

Contra Costa County is located in the East Bay Area, just east of Alameda County. The Appliance Repair Doctor is ready to serve you and provide same day service for your Sub-Zero fridge in cities all over the county including, Richmond, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez and more! Call today to book your same day service call!