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Kenmore Appliances is a brand that is sold exclusively through Sears. Sears has been selling its Kenmore brand for over 80 years. Sears doesn’t actually manufacture the appliances, they get other manufacturers to build their appliances such as, Whirlpool, Samung, Electrolux, GE, Bosch and more. With all these big name manufacturers, you know you will be receiving a quality appliance from Sears. Kenmore is able to build and sell fridges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves ovens, and more! Kenmore also features a high end line called the Kenmore Elite. Here consumers can get all the extra features and upgraded designs to suit their needs!

The Appliance Repair Doctors are very experienced with all Kenmore appliances. Within minutes a local Doctor can determine which of the above manufacturers built your Kenmore appliance, so he knows which parts to use for replacements. This is why The Appliance Repair Doctors’ vans are fully stocked with replacement parts for all brands and appliances. If your Kenmore appliance ever stops working, rest assured with the Doctors! We will get your Kenmore appliance back up and running.

Kenmore Fridge Repair

Kenmore fridges are always a smart choice. Depending on what year your fridge is built, it could be manufactured by Whirlpool, Electrolux or Samsung. All these top manufacturers make quality fridges which you can trust. Kenmore is always ready to make sure their fridges are loaded with all the latest features that consumers want. If your Kenmore fridge every breaks down on you, call The Appliance Repair Doctor for a same day repair.

Kenmore Dishwasher Repair

Kenmore dishwashers are extremely popular choice. People know what its like to wash dishes by hand. Thats why people trust Kenmore, since they are built by one of the top manufacturers, and they are receiving Sears  customer service. Kenmore dishwashers all always manufactured with tons of cycle options and features. If your Kenmore dishwasher ever stops working, call the Doctors at The Appliance Repair Doctor.

Kenmore Stove Repair

The Kenmore stoves always provide a great cooking option. Kenmore offers a variety of stoves including gas stoves, electric and ceramic cooktops. Kenmore always chooses a manufacturer that can provide the best quality, the most features at the lowest price. If your Kenmore stove ever lets you down, call The Appliance Repair Doctor today and ask about our same day service!

Kenmore Oven Repair

Kenmore ovens are always a fantastic choice for cooking, especially the Kenmore Elite line. They provide all the latest features like convectional heating, while using one of the least amount of energy in the industry. The Kenmore ovens can also be bought as a built in oven or a standalone. If your Kenmore oven needs a repair, The Doctors at The Appliance Repair Doctor can provide you with the service you need.

Kenmore Washer Repair

Kenmore washers are always a popular choice since they are built by one of the top manufacturers, and are backed by the superior customer service of Sears. Sears washers are always loaded with the latest features and cycle options to ensure you have the best laundry experience. If your Kenmore washing machine ever breaks down, call the Doctors at The Appliance Repair Doctor. We are available for you Same-day for all your appliance needs.

Kenmore Dryer Repair

Kenmore dryers are always available with their washers. They are designed to match the washer beside or be stacked securely above the washer. They even have some washer dryer combo units. Whichever one you choose, Kenmore dryers are always energy efficient and can dry your clothes in a very reasonable amount of time. If your Kenmore dryer ever lets you down, let The Appliance Repair Doctor come to the rescue!